A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

False Hero is a choice-based interactive novel made in Ren’Py.

There are 6 female characters in the game. Sebastian, the protagonist of the game, can change their lives tremendously. But you will decide how.

Lucy is a passionate and energetic woman, who's playing in the theater and wants to become a good actress. Will Sebastien be able to help her or will find another place in another industry for her?

Kate and Ashley - sweet naive orphans with a hard life.  All they want is just to make their cozy cafe work again. Without experience, they won't be able to run it on their own. Will you help them to make their dreams come true or will you take advantage of their naivety?

Melanie is an exemplary school teacher, a good housewife who thinks only of her beautiful daughter.

Tiffany is a college student and a cheerleader. And... she hates the main hero.

Will Sebastien make daughter and mother fall in love with him, or will he corrupt and blackmail them?

Jane - It's just Jane. A naive and kind girl who fell in love with you. 

A word from the developer. 
Hi. The game is at an early stage of development and this is the perfect time for you to influence the project with your feedback and support. You can do it on my Patreon page, Discord, or here.

If you're thinking right now: "Oh, let's see how this guy develops his game first. If he does well, I'll consider pledging." But you'll be missing the perfect timing to support the project. Because it is at an early stage of development, your support now will have the greatest influence in shaping the game. I'm a small developer, I don't have a team or enough resources to further improve the game without your help.

It's totally okay if you can't support me with your money though, because the best thing that you can do to show your appreciation is to share your opinion, message me on discord, put my signature on game forums, tell a friend, anything you can think of to spread the word about the project. If you wish to see the continuation and improvement of the game, then you can take an active part by helping promote the game. And that would also be appreciated! It's just another way of contributing and helping the game fulfill its potential!

I have a lot of ambitious ideas and I'm not going to stop no matter what, but your support will help me to achieve results 10 times faster!

There's a whole lot of things I can do. And it's a long way to go.

Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read this.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagscorruption, groping, Male protagonist, Nonlinear, pussy, Ren'Py, stripping, twins


FalseHero-False_Hero_v0.20.1-pc.zip 990 MB
FalseHero-False_Hero_v0.20.1-mac.zip 973 MB

Development log


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its a pity that this game seems abandonned.


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Trash game with the dev only making NTR now. Just report it to patreon for rape.


Very interesting story that proves to sink the player deeper and deeper into its plot!


Fantastic work, but as a Chinese player, it's hard for me to support you 'cause the firewall. But maybe u can set up an  account on azz.net to collect help from Chinese users :)


Android version coming out?

I currently have version 0.20.1 is there a newer version and where can I find it??

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The latest version has been 0.35 for like 7 months. lol. Where have you been?

And the next version after that is supposed to be out to Patrons, so it might be out for everyone soon as well.


Where have I been? Brand new to the game is what. 

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anything newer than 0.20.1 still isn't out on itch.io though.

And the excuse of it being "too big for itch.io" is only that: an excuse. I had downloaded a game with several dozen GB from here, i highly doubt the game grew to over 100GB...

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Played this game for at least  an hour then I uninstalled it.. Honestly don't see the point in this shit, you playing as a dude who's just going around trying to destroy relationships..i don't mind playing the bad guy now and then but this story sucks ass cause it's literally just focused on him being a home wracker...maybe things changes later and an actual story worth playing develops who knows 

Still tho good job on creating this game, not a fan of the story or the MC but hard work still went into it so I'll give the Dev credit for that


Amazing Game! 


Thank you!


Really really good game, keep up the good work!

Thank you!


Since my previous saves didn't work anymore, I had to start over from scratch, and to say the least, I was so confused and in a bit of shock from what clearly explained why they did not work anymore.

The story of the game has been completely altered from when I had played it originally, with a particular character now being far more in focus, while also having her entire storyline's structure and MC's structure shift with it to accommodate the changes. It's far more linear than it was prior, and, it will send you for a whirl if you have not played it in awhile.

None of this is a critique or to say nay to it and the changes, but rather, just share my still stunned feelers for the unexpected major change in how the game worked in the first part, as well as the story changes with character who shall not be named in case it ends up spoiling something for people.

I actually really don't mind the changes, and in fact, I like them. I feel like it just made more sense for what the Enyo seems to be going for with the story in the game. It makes it a much more smooth, casual sequence to play through rather than kinda choppy and analog, like before, for me at least.

The story changes don't detract or not make sense, but, they also leave me perplexed as to why they were implemented. So, a neutral critique of the story changes to "CWSNBN" haha. It's neither good nor bad. It's again really just... perplexing due to it being unexpected.

So overall I can appreciate and like it a little more than I did before, but not enough to alter my rating from 4 to 5 stars. I guess I really just wanted to share my experience with the changes with everyone, and who knows, maybe some other players will have felt the same way and be like "Yo! I know exactly what this guy's talking about. Blew my mind!" haha.

Enyo, keep making adjustments as you see needed and wanted, keep making this what you envision and desire! Best mindset to have as a creator!


Thank you for your feedback! ❤️


I loved this version of the game amazing story line, great character design, just one of the best adult games ever keep up the amazing work can't wait to play the full game


Thank you! ❤️

New update?


Very soon, I'm working on it very hard. 


Just read the entirely of the latest update, and wow, what a ride! Kudos to you for maintaining the same great standard throughout the story :)

With that being said, I'd love to contribute as a volunteer editor/proofreader, if possible. I've noticed some grammatical issues here and there, and the gameplay would be perfect if these were reworded.

Let me know if I can help in any way in that aspect. Nice work, and cheers!


Thank you! I'd really appreciate your help. :)
 Send me a direct message in discord https://discord.gg/JStCmNh

When is the next update coming?

Beta will be ready tomorrow. Full public version will have to be ready in 2 weeks after that. 

Thanks for your work!

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In the beginning of the game you apologized for your bad English because it's not your native language. However I don't think you got any reason to apologize. Sure the English in this game isn't perfect, but it's still very good. 

Than again, English isn't my native language either. But I do feel confident enough in what I know. And as said, I think that the English in this game is quite good. 

However, not just the language. I do also like the game so far. I think I like the sisters best so far

Thank you! I really aprreciate it. Right now my supporters allows me to hire a good translator(not great ;) ), so it's all thanks to them. 

Is there a way to prevent blackmail? I kinda feel bad about the girls


Will most of the routes automatically force you to finger em or stuff, like with jane can I take her out or will it only be rough shit?

And the twins can I do anything with Ashley?


There will be lovey dovey route and corruption route for each character. Your choices will also determine how you will act towards each girl.

Yes, you will be able to do "something" with Ashley ;) There will be plenty events with her. 

awesome I'm still new to the game but thanks for the reply and I cannot wait

My favorite characters are the twins. I hate the main character though; he's too much of a creep.

I feel you :)))

The storyline is awesome and I love this game but I wanted to know, when are you planning to release the next update?

I'm planning to release it 27 May . ;) 

Alright! thank you and looking forward to it. :)

Np ;)

The updated version isn't out yet :(

Yes, sorry about that. I'm working hard on the update, but it's still going slow. There are a lot of changes that needs to be done. I'll release beta version in a week or so. 

New update plss

It will be released very soon ;) I hope to finish it on 27-29 March. 

how long?

It was released already. I hope you'll like it :) 

Android plsss

You can download unofficial port from f95zone or my discord ;)

please update this game its awesome


I'm working hard on the new update, bro! It will be released at the end of the month. ;)

Sounds interesting.. I will try it and if I like it.. I`ll see about supporting you on Patreon


Great, I hope you'll like it. :)